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About Sinclair Air Conditioning

Sinclair Leisure are the UK importer and wholesaler of Sinclair Vehicle and Marine heating and cooling units, offering highly efficient heating and cooling to your panel van, motorhome, horsebox or exhibition vehicle. We are the UK based importer offering sales, service and warranty of the Sinclair leisure products.

The Sinclair air conditioning brand has been out in the UK for the few years with some success in the market, with a reputation for efficient and reliable heating and cooling from specialist heat pump technology.

The Sinclair roof mounted heating and cooling units are highly efficient, low power consumption and of a sleek modern design, making them the ideal addition to any motorhome, horsebox or exhibition trailer. Heating and cooling functions are ideal for any van upto and over 8m long with powerful fans for air circulation.

Highly Efficient Heating and Cooling
Sinclair units heat and cool at almost the same power offering a real low powered and efficient alternative to your gas or electric van heating in certain conditions. Sinclair heat pump units are highly efficient offering nearly 3 times the heat or cooling output than the electrical input – that’s nearly 300% efficiency.

Clean and Modern Design
The new slim line air handler is designed with clean lines and uncluttered surfaces to fit in with even the most modern looking interiors. Touch sensitive buttons, an lcd display which is only seen when the unit is turned on and an built in LED light adds to the overall look.

Easy to install onto any panel van, motorhome, horsebox or exhibition truck. Installation is a simple affair whether to an existing roof light aperture or a new location, supply 240v power from the vehicle mains, seal the unit to the roof and fix in place with the supplied bolts. The unit can be fitted into a 360mm or 400mm square opening.

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Product Information
Sinclair Heating and Cooling units – Air Conditioning. For superbly efficient cooling and heating choose Sinclair.

  • More powerful than equivalents – Higher cooling and heating capacity.
  • Highly efficient – Higher COP (Coefficient of Performance) than other manufacturers.
  • Value for money – lower cost per Kw of output
  • Reliable – No manufacturers defects reported
  • Stock holding in UK.
  • Ideal for van conversions – designed to fit in manufacturers planned locations without fouling roof ribs.
  • Eco Friendly – Highly efficient use of power
  • Fits into standard 360mm and 400m roof vent aperture

Rule of Thumb for decision making:

  • Upto 7m van upto 30°C – ASV-25A
  • Over 7m van upto 30°C – ASV-35A
  • Upto 6m van over 30°C – ASV-25A
  • Over 6m van over 30°C – ASV-35A

*This is quick guide. The required unit will depend on the U value of your vehicle i.e. how well insulated your van is. The guide above refers to a standard factory produced vehicle with 30-40mm foam insulation on alls, floor and ceiling.